Honoring God with our finances starts with a plan!

If you have any form of income and expenses, it is important to manage those resources well! Whether you struggle with money (really like to spend it!) or are just looking for ways to manage your money more effectively, budgeting is for you!

Simply follow the steps below to start your journey to better financial health and managing money wisely in a way that honors God! If you have a specific question about budgeting, please email us at info@417onelife.com. We’re here to help!


Get your stuff together

Gather financial related documents like bills, loans, receipts, personal expenses (e.g. cell phones and entertainment), and paycheck stubs.


Make room

Set a date on the calendar where you and your spouse (if applicable) can tackle your budget together. Give yourself plenty of time and pick an environment where you can focus.


Make the budget

Use this free tool to tell your money where to go each week/month.

Monthly budget form »

Weekly budget form »


Make it happen

You now have a working budget.
Stick to it!